By Diana Codila



By Diana Codila

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Strada Poștei// butterfly effect

June 3, 2016

Ora 19:30, intr-o camera rece, pe o strada linistita, undeva in Bucurestii Noi. Stau la masa, cu oglinda de machiaj si cateva rujuri mate in fata. A fost ultima zi la birou, maine ma intorc in partea mea de tara. Acum am timp sa stau, sa ma gandesc.

The rest of the story will be in english, for my dear one who can`t read in romanian. After all, this is the way I imagined writing it. They told me Bucharest is like a girl you fall in love with, but you shouldn`t. After almost two weeks spent there, I think Bucharest is exactly the kind of girl you should fall in love with: pretty, reckless, unpredictable and full of adventures. Here are some lessons and conclusions I got after my time spent there, which was just a trailer for my summer 2k16 movie, hopefully.

It`s all about the people and connections. Starting with my early life years, I was a wonderer, an explorer and a social butterfly. I loved being surrounded by friends, classmates, my extended family and I was delighted by how good it felt to laugh with them, observe them, love them and listen to their stories. Life went good, until, at a very young age, I first felt the taste of betrayal. The taste of damaged human nature, the bitterness that poisones your soul and darkens your sight. That was the moment I lost my interest in building with people and started to get used with the idea I have to do anything by myself, with myself and for myself. I locked myself in me and books.

Maybe now is not the proper time or post to go into details, and that`s mainly because I changed my position              and point of view again. The last two weeks in my life, including both PepsiCo experience and my personal life,            taught me that you can only grow with and through others. An old proverb says “If you want to go fast, go                      alone, if you want to go far, go together”. The best thing you can do is sorround yourself with high quality                      people because they can teach you more than books could ever do, make you laugh harder than any comedy,                support you more than any psychologist and love you even more than you can love yourself.Connect. Admire.              Love. Grow. This is my state of mind right now.

 The Butterfly Effect. I knew about this theory before, but the fact that this was the name of my internship                      made me think about it again. The Butterfly Effect is a popular hypothetical example of chaos theory which                  illustrates how small initial differences may lead to large unforeseen consequences over time. The funny part is            I submitted my application at 23:54 and the deadline was 00:00. So a small initial difference 6 minutes could              cost me one of the best experiences in the latest time. Isn`t it wonderful but scary in the same time? The fact                that a little decision you make today, a coffee meeting, a few minutes delay, a call you miss or a night you                      decide to go out can influence your future so much. Irreversible.

Speaking about this, it was a small gesture that brought me and David Ghisa together + a camera. Take a look              at his amazing work here and cheers for a summer full of great photos and even greater memories. Kisses, D